Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Is this the Answer to Small Business Website Needs?

Many small business owners are at the mercy of website designers and website developers who charge high hourly rates, not only for the original website design but also for those
essential updates, modifications, price/rate changes, product updates, special offers, etc.

030106 Wordpress Theme
Small business owners are held hostage when the website needs any such content updates. Why? because Website designers and website developers know that if they create a website for their clients that is difficult to use and understand, the business owner will have to keep
coming back to them for updates and modifications.

Add this insult to the already astronomical price applied to have a new website designed and
you can be thousands of dollars in the hole before your website reaches its first birthday.

Is there an alternative I hear you ask? Well I am pleased to say that the answer is a
resounding YES.The product itself is FREE, yes FREE. You will still incur charges for a
domain name and for hosting the website but these would also apply to a specifically
designed website. Also if you are not confident to do the initial work in setting up this
product there are lots of people who will do that for you for less than $200.

So what is this product....?     WORDPRESS

WordPress was known as the No.1 blogging platform but over the last 2 years it has been
substantially developed and is now a true content management platform as well, which because it is free, has hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of users. Furthermore, there is an
army of web developers all working and contributing to make it more secure and to keep it up
to date.

Wordpress is theme driven which means the layout/look of your site can be changed in minutes
without any skills being needed. There are thousands of free themes available and thousands
more premium themes you can purchase (usually for less than $100).

Further great features resulting from this massive user base are the large number of addons
available which can extend the functionality of WordPress beyond that of just a normal
website. Known as "Plugins" the majority of these addons are again available free of charge.

Wordpress in its basic form is liked by search engines, including Google, and with the
addition of one of the free SEO plugins available the chances of high search engine exposure
Tigopedia Theme
is  increased.

On top of all that, and probably its best feature, is the graphic user interface (GUI) which makes it possible for the web layperson to make updates and additions to their own website,
including inserting pictures, videos, RSS feeds, and more....

If you can create an email then you can use Wordpress!

Its popularity and ease of use have also given rise to a number of more sophisticated "plugins" that provide all the features necessary to perform a specific operation. A full Small Business app (such as "Expand2Web") and a Membership app ("Premise") are just 2 that integrate seamlessy within Wordpress.

All in all, Wordpress is the answer to most small business website requirements and one I
recommend without any hesitation.

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