Sunday, 6 May 2012

How to get targeted Twitter followers

Wouldn't it be great if you could find a way to get a constant stream of followers on twitter, without spending hours each day sending out tweets, re-tweets, replying to messages and finding followers?

Well, the innovative and time saving solution that many people are turning to is "twitter automation". With an automatic twitter friend adder you can set your account on auto pilot and let the software take care of the dirty work.

Never again will you spend a night cold and alone on twitter, wishing you had more followers. The technological age has brought us amazing tools that can make our online social life much easier to manage, and more fun too!

Using an automated twitter friend adder is easy, and is not limited to simply adding random strangers to your list. With a good twitter adder you can also remove friends who do not follow you back, and you can automatically respond to @ messages.

The most powerful twitter software allows you to search the entire twitter social network for people with common interests, related tweets, and favorite celebrities. You can even filter your friend searches by location and follow people who follow certain users.

For example, if you wanted to follow people who follow Dr. Phil you can set your twitter friend adder to add only people who follow Dr. Phil. This works for any account on twitter, not just celebrities!

The benefits of using automatic twitter software don't end there. With great software like "TWEETADDER" you can load up hundreds of tweets in advance and set them to go out at the perfect time.

You'll never forget to send out an important tweet again because your twitter friend adder will take care of it for you, but be aware, have a number of personal/humour tweets available to send at regular intervals. Otherwise your "followers" will think you are a spammer if all you yweet are business opportunities.

Why not take advantage of technology in these fast times, and let the machines do all the time consuming work for you? It's no wonder so many people are turning to twitter automation to get more twitter followers... It's just too easy!

By simply setting my twitter account on auto pilot I have been able to go from less than 200 followers to over 7000 in just a four months! The best part is that it literally only takes a few minutes to set it up, and after that it's smooth sailing!

Don't waste your valuable time trying to get more followers on twitter when you can let a twitter friend adder do it for you! You can spend that time doing more important things and still get a ton of new followers each and every day.

Try a twitter friend adder today, and unleash the power of automation on your twitter account... You'll be glad you did!

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